AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon Have Big Plans. Only One Is a True Growth Stock

Investors got to spend a combined eight hours listening to telecom executives this past week, with back-to-back-to-back investor days from Verizon Communications, T-Mobile US, and AT&T on Wednesday through Friday. Management teams laid out their plans for newly acquired wireless spectrum licenses and hyped up their strategies for the 5G era. AT&T’s depressed stock (ticker: [...]

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Understanding Telecom Audits

2021 is poised to be a year of change that involves personal touch and stronger connections. Leading companies and organizations will be taking immense, transformative steps to optimize their growth and revenue.  As technology evolves at a rapid pace, it’s more important than ever to have agile solutions that allow you the flexibility to invest [...]

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How Your Business Could Benefit From A Wireless Audit

Wireless auditing is a process of verification by the auditor which is done to find out how secure the wireless network of your company is which is executed with an audit of the accessible wireless networks. It also enables you find out how secure the wireless environment of your company is is so that it [...]

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Why Telecom Auditing is important

There are many reasons it makes sense to audit your Telecom bill, including the fact that there may be numerous errors and the service you need has grown or changed and no longer matches what you’re paying for. Three common billing errors. These are costing Telecom customers millions of dollars and include: Being billed for [...]

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COVID-19 accelerates race to the cloud – report

According to data from Synergy Research Group for the second quarter of this year, spending on unified communications or collaboration tools increased by 7% from the second quarter of 2019, reaching over $12 billion. "Most notably, spending on hosted and cloud solutions grew by 18% while spending on on-premise products declined by 18%," the report said. Jeremy [...]

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Now It’s The Right Time For A Telecom Expense Audit

As businesses begin to look at their respective versions of a post-COVID work life, there will be even more pressure to find areas where to save money, while ensuring that the IT department is capable of supporting a more flexible and potentially complex work environment. Companies have been reluctant in the past to bring in [...]

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Covid-19 takes a $2.8 billion bite out of AT&T’s second quarter

The Covid-19 pandemic was a $2.8 billion anchor on AT&T's Q2 results due a lack of live sporting events and the cost to protect its employees, among other factors. AT&T CEO John Stankey, who took over as CEO on July 1, said on the Thursday morning's earnings call that AT&T would operate on the assumption [...]

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When every penny counts, we’ve all had to dramatically change the way we do business. Telecom Audit can be your solution!

Thus far, the telecom sector has not been impacted as dramatically by the COVID-19 market disruption. While the lockdown has brought much of the economy to a halt, it has created new demand for communications services: work-from-home. The impact is reflected in equity markets, where an index of telecommunications services stocks dropped by 18 percent [...]

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Wireless and Wireline Optimization – C3

Communications technology should drive your business forward, giving your staff the collaborative tools they need while enhancing the customer experience. Do you question your LANDLINE TELECOM expense?  You should! 95% of all telecom billing contains errors About C3 Communication Cost Containment C3’s team is comprised of former telecom carrier employees with decades of experience in [...]

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Zoom picks Oracle as a cloud infrastructure partner

Instead of going with cloud giants Amazon or Microsoft, Zoom announced on Tuesday it had picked Oracle as its cloud infrastructure provider. It was a big customer win for Oracle as Zoom has seen its video conferencing service skyrocket during the COVID-19 crisis. With millions of employees now working from home, along with students that [...]

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