Wireless auditing is a process of verification by the auditor which is done to find out how secure the wireless network of your company is which is executed with an audit of the accessible wireless networks. It also enables you find out how secure the wireless environment of your company is is so that it does not get hacked due to poor native protocol. It can also be due to the encryption design of your wireless systems that can make your system vulnerable to external dangers.

Wireless auditing helps in assessing the security posture of the WLAN of your company and it helps in configuring it to the maximum security level of your company. There are different benefits of wireless auditing as it helps in understanding the security vulnerabilities in the current WLAN setup. It also helps in fixing these issues which is done by the auditor so that you can get complete control over your wireless network. With the auditing of your wireless systems you can be rest assured that the productivity of your business can be enhanced and with the help of the audits you will be able to known the security of your wireless network. This audit is done with the help of built in wireless network sniffer which is done for testing the strength of your wireless network. It is the best way of saving your time and you can also protect your wireless network from any kind of attack from inside and outside of the network.

Wireless auditing is very important to find out any kind of valid security threats that exist in your business and hence you will need to look for a professional who will provide sufficient security. This is needed to be configured properly and accompanies by adequate password policy so that any kind of security problems can be dealt in an effective manner. The network administrators will take appropriate measures for adopting a proper password policy which is very important for your business. These auditors take into account the most advanced and fastest tools that are used for recovering the Wi-Fi passwords with a reasonable time frame. These auditors ensure to secure the network of your wireless systems so that it can be protected from any kind of attacks. They will comprehensive descriptions of all vulnerability that your business is exposed to so that it can be protected from the security threats.

Audit for Mobility Service

Reducing a client’s wirelesses expense is part of C3’s core business. Due to our extensive industry experience, C3 can identify the best plans provided by the major wireless providers. C3 will review Zero and Low Usage devices, downloads, and features for cost reduction, along with international travel and roaming charges. Once this assessment is complete, we will benchmark “best in class” carrier rates and agreements against what our client has in place today and make savings recommendations. After client approvals, all cost generating changes to plans, rates, and contracts are implemented directly with the carrier by our wireless team. C3 typically saves its clients 25% or more on wireless costs.


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