As businesses begin to look at their respective versions of a post-COVID work life, there will be even more pressure to find areas where to save money, while ensuring that the IT department is capable of supporting a more flexible and potentially complex work environment.

Companies have been reluctant in the past to bring in an expert to do a deep dive into the IT contracts, invoices,  suppliers, and inventory to identify areas to tighten up and save.

Did you know that 85% of IT/telecom invoices contain billing errors? According to analysts, this can cost an organization up to 12% of their annual IT/Telecom spend in the form of inflated costs. An auditor can quickly find these errors and help you fixed the mistakes and obtain refunds from the respective vendors. Historically, if you do this yourself, you are limiting your savings to around 3-5%.

The process of understanding your Telecom bill has become complex. It can be time consuming and overwhelming. In small companies, employees likely wear many hats, including the Telecom hat. Larger companies benefit from having IT and procurement departments, but members of these departments also have a full array of job responsibilities. It is unlikely that there is someone with the time, expertise, and the specific skill set necessary to oversee the Telecom services and billing for your company.

Without disrupting your company’s daily work routine, C3 can quickly identify attainable savings and immediately begin implementing the changes needed to obtain these savings. We will provide you with our detailed findings, including details of all the billing disputes, and an inventory of all your monthly billed services.

C3’s audits are comprehensive and can include:

  • Wireline services (Voice and data)
  • Wireless/mobility services
  • Cloud and VOIP services

We cover the gamut of charge types, rates, inventory, usage, and tax calculations. Because our services are contingency based, there are no up-front fees to you. In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll save that we won’t bill you unless our savings exceed 10%.

Here’s a link to learn more about our company and processes.