Thus far, the telecom sector has not been impacted as dramatically by the COVID-19 market disruption. While the lockdown has brought much of the economy to a halt, it has created new demand for communications services: work-from-home.

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The impact is reflected in equity markets, where an index of telecommunications services stocks dropped by 18 percent between mid-February and early April, compared with a 27 percent drop for the overall market.

What does this mean? While it may appear to indicate that companies are not spending on technology, that’s not the case. Smart businesses are actually investing in flexible, secure technologies that will allow them to operate seamlessly in the new normal. The key is to ensure you’re using the correct technology at the right price, which can be hard to do without expert guidance.

That’s where a telecom audit from C3 comes in.

Our experts will take a detailed inventory of your current technology ecosystem, checking for areas where you may be overspending or paying for technologies that you don’t even use. We’ll conduct a review of all your bills and invoices (more on that later). To ensure you’re getting the best value from your technology dollars, we’ll make vendor-neutral recommendations for new solutions that better fit your needs – at best-in-class pricing.

Whether it’s billing errors or duplicate charges, a telecom audit can help rid your enterprise of inaccuracies in invoices that are costing you money.

How we cut $1.2M a year in telecom costs for a large pharmaceutical company?

A recent success story that we could replicate for you. It’s a project we did for a large pharmaceutical company.  Despite them utilizing Tangoe and Asentinel to manage their mobility services, we were still able to cut $1.2M a year in costs. How did we save them $1.2M? By utilizing the 3 components of our methodology.

We average 33% savings across all our projects and 26% in reduction for clients that utilize a TEM or 3rd Party Service. If you spend 10 minutes with me via phone, I can highlight the 3 specific components of our methodology and IP that differentiate us from TEM providers.

After the 10-minute call, please tell us if you feel it would be worthwhile to discuss the next step, which would be a pre-qualification process.  We can review your bills and estimate the potential savings before a contract is signed with us. We have a minimum requirement for our projects to generate at least 10% in savings after approvals that our client furnishes us after reviewing recommendations.  If we fall short of 10%, we contractually allow our client to terminate the agreement and there is no cost.

That means that if you are spending $100,000 a month today, we need to generate at least $120,000 in savings or project can be terminated with no cost.

We execute quickly:

  • Our fees are derived strictly from hard dollar savings, and it only takes us two weeks after we start an engagement to present the overall cost savings opportunities
  • Within 6 weeks from the start of an engagement, we are implementing the cost savings measures with the vendors, demonstrating savings on the bill copies within 1-2 bill cycles of the project kick-off.

A telecom audit from C3 will help you find savings when you need it most. Our process is streamlined, non-intrusive, and risk-free. We’ll complete an audit at no charge to you and with zero obligation or risk. If we don’t find savings, you don’t pay us. If you’re ready to stop spending in areas where you could be saving, contact C3 for a no-risk telecom audit today.