Communications technology should drive your business forward, giving your staff the collaborative tools they need while enhancing the customer experience. Do you question your LANDLINE TELECOM expense?  You should! 95% of all telecom billing contains errors

About C3 Communication Cost Containment

C3’s team is comprised of former telecom carrier employees with decades of experience in their respective fields; many have shaped the billing practices for today’s telecom giants. We are experts in knowing how telecom services are structured, and where to find billing errors, hidden charges, and added fees. In addition, we know how to negotiate with providers to correct errors, secure refunds and savings, obtain discounts, and rewrite the fine print in contracts to provide only the services your company needs at the most cost-effective rates.

Our goal is to ensure that the money you pay to your telecom providers is only for services that your company needs, while also recovering any refunds that providers may owe you. This is our area of expertise and our mission as a business.

Where are the areas to find substantial savings:?

Wireline: 25% average savings on the following:

  • MPLS/Internet – 30% to 40%
  • VOIP/SIP – 40%
  • Long Distance/800 – 15% to 20%
  • Local Dial tone – 25% to 130, PRIs provide better opportunity that POTS

Mobility: 30% to 40% average savings on the following:

  • Wireless services audit and optimization: features, travel charges, custom rate plans, and pooled plan optimization. $25% to 40%
  • Wireless carrier contract negotiation. 25% to 35%.

The above numbers represent reductions in the current spend of existing carrier services. However, since every carrier is different in terms of pricing, promotions, and discounts, we won’t be able to tell you exactly what you’ll save until we perform a prequalification…..a quick review of your billing data followed up with an audit of services and spend. This is a comprehensive evaluation that would determine your specific savings opportunity and define your market leverage. C3 will also provide recommendations on how the opportunity should be attacked.

The simple fact is that businesses need effective communications solutions to power their organizations. Telecom providers know this, meaning that contract negotiation doesn’t typically occur on the most level playing field. C3 changes all of that by giving businesses the tools to eliminate waste and excess cost.

If you’re wondering where you could save, don’t hesitate to contact us today.