Telecommunications is one of the most difficult spend categories to manage. Companies lose 12 – 17% of what they spend on Telecommunications as a result of unorganized Telecom expense management

The Telecommunications industry is notoriously challenged by acquisitions, divestitures, legacy billing platforms, evolving technology, and cumbersome contracting and billing practices. These issues are detrimental to managing your Telecom costs, all leading to billing errors and a loss of visibility and control. Keeping up with numerous contracts and lengthy, complex invoices can be challenging, or impossible, for many organizations. An intensive audit of a company’s prior Telecom purchases and spend should be the first step in any Telecom sourcing project.

telecom imageC3 helps companies capture savings by auditing Telecom spend, recovering overpayment due to carrier and provider billing errors, and implementing wireline and wireless optimization strategies. These results can then be sustained by establishing better Telecom category management processes.

We are proactive and thorough when auditing your Telecom spend. C3 begins its wireless and wireline audit by collecting the carrier invoices and contracts for the Telecom services to be reviewed. If data is not available or inadequately detailed, C3 can work with your carriers and providers to gather the documentation needed.

At C3, we assist companies with all expenses related to communications from voice and data to internet technologies that effect your bottom line yearly. We are more then consultants we are accountant that review the fine details with a microscope and find the places where you can save money. C3 USA service offering allows us to provide people, tools and a process that allows you to maintain complete control of your communications and so you can see how your network infrastructure effects all associated service costs.

Our goal is to ensure that the money you pay to your Telecom providers is only for services that your company needs, while also recovering any refunds that providers may owe you. This is our area of expertise and our mission as a business.


Wireless Audit

C3 manages the process of obtaining data from wireless partners and performs the optimization analysis for our clients

Landline Audit

We conduct a thorough wireline audit includes all voice and data services domestic or international customers.

Contract Negotiations

Maximum savings on all fixed and wireless contracts for domestic or worldwide customers and affiliates.

Customer Support

Our trained team responds quickly to every issue, question or complaint and is always available to support our customers.

Source: Aberdeen Group and C3 USA