Ashley Unitt of New Voice Media shares four trends in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that may impact the contact center industry.

Technology in today’s Age of the Customer is simultaneously increasing customer expectations and making service more complex.

In the last few years, smarter algorithms, AI, self-service channels and analytics have exploded.

This wave of innovation is also bringing exciting opportunities for service managers to transform their brand’s customer experience. Bluewolf, an IBM company, predicted that AI would impact customer service in four key areas by 2018. These are:

1. Understanding — Integrating and assimilating external market data (social, personality, or segmentation) for directed selling or personalization.

2. Interacting — Chatbots, virtual assistants, or conversational apps that deflect inbound customer requests or automate process-driven, repetitive tasks.

3. Answering — Unlocking deep knowledge discovery, assisting employees in quickly and accurately recommending answers to complex customer requests.

4 Guiding — Predictive and machine learning models to instruct next-best action with the customer.

Here’s a closer look at each of these areas, along with trends to look out for at Dreamforce that can help your brand capitalize on AI’s service-boosting capabilities.

Advanced analytics powered by artificial intelligence and machine-learning technologies can now help businesses comb through huge, previously unstructured data sets to discover what customers are thinking and feeling.

These tools can capture powerful data from contact center calls, social media, and messaging apps, combine it with information from the customer relationship management system, and arm service agents with real-time intelligence such as which products a customer owns, open cases, VIP caller status and sentiment. See full article here