Even though 5G mobile connections are yet to be implemented, large companies such as LG and Samsung are already beginning to investigate the next step.

Samsung Electronics and LG both have 6G firmly in their sights as the race is on to be first with the next generation even though they just launched 5G phones in the past few months.

The Korean public agency «Yonhap» reports from sources that Samsung has opened a new research center to develop technology for 6G mobile networks. Samsung’s research and development department of the firm, Samsung Research, has recently incorporated a team focused on accelerating 6G solutions and standardization as part of the company’s long-term business plan.

Not to be outdone, LG Electronics joined the Korea Advanced Science and Technology Institute (Kaist) to open a 6G research center and Korean mobile operator KT signed an agreement with the National University of Seoul (SN8U) last week to collaborate on 6G research, according to the agency.

The advantages of 6G include a higher speed, a shorter latency time, greater capacity to transmit data and lower consumption. In addition, fewer relay towers will be required with 6G in order to cover the same amount of land area or territory.

Source: https://www.newsy-today.com/what-is-6g-the-next-technology-that-has-not-yet-been-born-but-is-already-being-investigated/