What should you know to reduce your telecommunications expenses?

Know your profile of fixed telephony, mobile telephony, data networks and internet while understanding contract negotiations.

How a telecommunications audit company can play a pivotal role on cost savings?

The question for all is: How can you afford not to invest in telecommunications expense management? This approach is a proactive strategy for anticipating and strategically timing your technology acquisitions while effectively managing the maintenance and optimization of your current technology stack.

At C3, we check periodically to ensure that the concepts indicated in your invoices are correct. Are the discounts agreed to in your contract are being applied? We identify and value the solutions that allow the creation of greater savings in telecommunications. Our service eases the workload of telecommunications managers, purchasing departments and your company’s finance office.

We are experts in knowing how telecom services are structured. We find the billing errors, the hidden charges and the added fees that your staff may not. In addition, we know how to negotiate with providers to correct those errors, secure refunds, create savings, obtain discounts, and rewrite the fine print in contracts to provide only the services your company needs at the most cost-effective rates.

Our goal is to ensure that the money you pay to your telecom providers is only for services that your company needs while also recovering any refunds that providers may owe you. This is our area of expertise and our mission as a business.